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 I definitively got my sewing mojo back. Hooray! I've been on Sewing for Boys, pattern kick. Have you seen that book? I LOVE it. So often the only patterns for little boys in books are pj pants and some random toys or accessories. A WHOLE book of boys clothing... unheard of! I think it's full of cute patterns not, not lots of repeats or filler. Very important when you have 3 sons and only 1 daughter.

I made 3 of these t-shirts the other day. Love this one! The main panel was made using a thrifted t-shirt. They are quick & easy to make. I had a little issue with the neckline at first. If you make these, MAKE sure you cut the fabric on the grainline as indicated for neck. Also, I had to cut a strip a bit longer so these fit over the boys heads. ** test the collar over their head before attaching it is key** I made the 4/5 for both. It fits my 4 year old snuggly, but not too tight. Looser on the almost two year old [I know, HOW can he be almost two already!] I think I prefer making 1 size up. The shirt will get a few years use then. How awesome is that for a $3 shirt!

The little shorts are also from the book. Easy, quick = perfect. I just want to say how much I ADORE the Little peeps line. Finally cut into this castle print. Also made a shirt with the coordinating king & queens fabric. adorable!

Man I love this kid!

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Karen LePage said...

I love that you love the book (so do I!)

You have made the AWESOMEST stuff. Keep up the sewing for that super-sweetheart!