Some sewing

I have not been sewing very much lately... as in pretty much not at all. Sometimes I just need a break from things. When I do return I am invigorated and full of fresh new idea's to conquer. I have not arrived at this point with sewing, just yet. Although I am enjoying my time away devouring books.

I make this bag a few weeks back, for my mother-in-law. I LOVE the madmen-esq fabric. I had been saving this one for awhile, not quite sure what to make with it. She loves shoes and anything from this era. She's a really awesome person and like a mother to me, as well as my husband [her actual child.lol]. My children adore her and she treats them all with equal love and compassion. She understands them individually, and as a group. It actually makes it a little more difficult to make her stuff because I want it to be just right.  Now, I need to add a little clutch in this fabric on my to-do list for myself. Love this fabric!

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andrea creates said...

very nice!
i understand.sometimes i need a break from sewing too :)