It appears, as if overnight, my sweet, baby boy has grown up enough, to not need a crib. I'm still not really sure how he can be almost two already! The time seems to go faster & faster with each child as our family grows. I currently want to freeze everyone in place, so I can enjoy these ages just a "little" longer. So many things we think will never be forgotten, but they start to fade with time. The way one of the kids smiles at you with that mischievous twinkle in their eye each morning, a loved toy, favorite superhero traits, silly pronunciations, a funny joke told 80x a day. So perfect and seemingly solid in our minds, still they lose their potency with age. I guess I use photography and [this blog] to help remind me.

When the older two were little, I have every bit if their lives documented in photo's- favorite toy, bedrooms, play area's, bath time, lunches... on & on & on. I realized the other day that I have less of these kind of pictures for the little boys. So we snapped a few quick shots in their shared room. Little did I know at the time, it would be one of the last days, Baby {J} would be in the crib {officially}. Little monkey had started climbing out. The only thing holding back the transition was his Mama. It's hard letting go! At this point with the others, I would have had another bun in the oven and it was less sad for me. I'm having a hard time watching this one grow, knowing very well, he may be our last.

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