Friday Feature: Jarbles

I came across Rachel Gurney's shop while on Etsy today. I am in love with her jarbles series. They would look amazing having 3, 6 or ALL of them matted and framed together. They are a mix of funky and sweet, and coordinate so well!
Lately I have been interested in work that is intricate and small. These wonderful ACEO prints are small and so detailed. My favorite part are the little inscriptions around the edges of the lid.

Here's what Rachel Gurney[the artist] has to say about her Jar of High Tea in the series:

"‘Jar of High Tea’ is from a series I am working on called ‘Jarbles’ it is a tiny little jar of High Tea. What better to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon or special occasion than to open up a jar of High Tea! Comes with fresh brewed tea, tiny sandwiches, bite sized assorted cakes and more!"

Want to see more from this artist, including many fun, colorful, skull pieces, check out : rgurney

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Jennifer Daly said...

I love these jarbles!!! i'm so glad i came across your blog today, these are fantastic... so intricate and original, and i just checked out her site and i love them all! you're right having them all together would look amazing! i could just go for a jar of high tea right now.....