Over the Weekend

Spent the weekend at the Eco Chic Show. It was really fun and after a rough start Saturday, the sun came out shining and bright Sunday. Sunday was such a beautiful day, I was just happy to be outside in the nice weather, hanging out with my family. Selling stuff was a nice perk to that.

My zipper pouches and brooch/Pin trays. I love using these stacking plate trays. Helps to showcase a lot of stuff in a small amount of table space. Lots of selection!

My blankets in a vintage cradle. I LOVE this set up the best of all.

Bibs, Boob Pads and flowers. Not to self:Next show, don't spill the water from your flowers all over the table 1/2 way through the day-haha.

Some t-shirts and bibs

The fam hanging out. We brought a small rug and placed it next to the tent. Throughout the day we started collecting kids. More kids just kept showing up to play with the toys and mingle with the mini-crowd. It was so cute!


Anonymous said...

I commend you on your hard work and doing such a business while having a family. I came across your blog while searching for blogs that I can learn and be inspired from. I am a mother and a beginner sewer, scrapbooker, and photographer. So any kind of research and tutorials are always helpful, as well as people like yourself who have taken your talent and shared it with others buy selling your products. The best of luck to you, good work, and you inspire me to maybe one day instead of shopping at craft shows, I can sell and buy :0)

Kunklebaby said...

WOW-thank you for all your kind words. You just made my day!! I am so happy to share any knowledge or just bring a smile to others faces.
Best of luck with all your pursuits! Being a mama is the hardest job of all--but the most rewarding!

The Chrysanthemum said...

Such cute ideas, found you on an etsy thread!!! Nice set up!