We spent the weekend painting and moving furniture. After it was all said & done, I realized we moved EVERY room in the house besides the living room and dining room. It was a L-O-N-G process, but gives us some much needed space. It's a way better use of the space we have.

I love when we find a better way to fit into our home! We have a smaller-ish house and with 3 kids and the huge amount of "stuff" they come with, organization is extremely important. I used to get annoyed and just say. "We need a bigger house-ahhh!!". I've now switched my way of thinking to: What can we do to fit better.
It involved pairing down our objects and keeping those most special or useful only. At first it was a little hard [as a self proclaimed pack rat], but we are all benefiting from the lifestyle now! When we want to buy something, we think a lot harder about how much we really "need" the item. If it's something that will help us, benefit our lives, or just crazy cool, then we will get it.
I like to think about the impact it has on the Earth also. With cost differences, it is not always possible for us to afford the "most" Earth friendly, but in most situations, not a problem. We try to use things that go back to the Earth-wood and cloth vs. plastics. Cotton, wool, organic vs. synthetics and polyester.
That doesn't mean we have no plastic, or chemicals in our home! The kids have a mix of toys that have been passed down or gifted to them. It's just the process of making them think about where it came from and where it's going. I was so proud the other day when the kids requested crappy $$1 toys. After a moment, {d} said, "No...I changed my mind. I don't want this plastic toy. It's junky, made in China and I don't even need it."

The boys got a lovely new shade of teal on the walls. An accent wall is done in teal, orange and white stripes. I'll post more pictures when the re-do is done. The coolest thing about the move-I got a studio space!! YAY! I can't wait to show you all. Right now, it's just a room filled with my sewing and painting supplies-in other words a GIANT MESS. As soon as everything finds a home, I'll get some shots posted.
Not sure when everything will get put back together though. I am so heartbroken about the loss of our dog. It's really been much harder than I ever could have anticipated. I have no motivation to finish the room, or anything else either. Each time I look out into our back yard, the tears come and I am struck even harder with sadness. Each time a car passes the house, and I don't hear her bark, I feel pain. I can't believe I actually miss her non-stop barking. My husband thinks we should just "move on" with life, but I am taking the time to mourn her. It's a [painful] process that I need to go through and it's important. She is the first pet I've ever had pass on. Since we had to put her down, I feel sadness, but also guilt and anger. I miss my friend and want her back. Although my head knows we did the right thing that needed to be done, my heart aches for her back. I thought it would get easier as the days pass, but I have yet to reach that point. She was my friend and I miss her!

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