Feature Friday!

Some of my favorite things in our home are from cool shops I've found on Etsy. Here's a few of our new toy additions:

Starbright Baby makes these fun teething giraffes. Colorful, soft and really fun. He's a big hit at our house with all the kids. All though I often hear, "Make the giraffe sound, mama!" What sound do they actually make?
Need a unique handmade baby gift? check out Starbright Baby.
{L} got this cool wooden, helicopter below for his birthday. Fun, looks cute hanging out on the shelf and made from a natural material. What more could you want? Find one for your special someone at
Imagination Kids.

Also from Imagination Kids is this amazing bunny set. The Easter Bunny left one at our house for the kids. This set gets played with EVERY day here. Can it get any cuter than these little rabbits? No! Enjoy your weekend!! Hope to see some of you at Eco-Chic. Let's hope the rain holds off and we are still able to be outside in the fresh air! Keep your fingers crossedf or me.

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Sewing-Chick said...

Oh my goodenss. Those rabbits are the. cutest. thing. I've. ever. seen. I hope the Easter bunny leaves some for my son this year :)