Look Book

I've been thinking of ways to improve my presence at art shows. I wanted to be able to showcase some of my work that isn't represented at the show, or just really cool things I've made that already sold.

I put together a 20 page book, highlighting just those things. I placed the book on my table at the last show and SO many people commented on it. Quite a few other vendors inquired about the book and said "ohhh-professional !" [haha] I had a few local, shop owners come and speak with me at the show and it was a perfect thing to show off some of my portfiolio.

My favorite moment of the weekend came when a cute young couple told me how well branded my company was. They commented on my logo, look book and overall "brand" of kunklebaby. It was so fulfilling to have someone notice and talk about it with me. Thank you, if you two happen to come across this!

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Jessica Torrant said...

Beautiful and so professional! Well done. :)