A few months ago, {D} wanted me to teach him how to knit. He was super excited and wanted to get started immediately. The only problem was, I didn't know how!!
After searching through the family and finding no one to teach me, I was lucky to find a class at Wholly Craft, a really cool local, handmade store.

After a quick BASIC lesson[I can now make scarves-haha], I was able to start teaching the kids. The Easter Bunny gave them each their own set of shiny new needles and a ball of yarn.

{M}'s fingers are just a tad to small to be able to hold the needles, thread and move it around. She has been content knitting on mama's lap-with my help. {D} took to it right away! He wanted his first thing to be a scarf for his father[so cute], but I have since persuaded him to make a blanket for sweaterpants[his doll]. This way he will finish much faster and feel that great feeling, when you finish a project.


Marie Reed said...

This is sooo darling! Bravo to you for taking the initiative to learn!

Kunklebaby said...

Thank you for your kind words! :D

Cara said...

That's great! I'm excited to teach Hannah to knit, I'm hoping around the time she's 4 she'll be able to pick up on it, we'll see.