{d} has this cool Darth Vader mask that has a voice changer. It has a few programmed saying- Luke I am your father, etc, but the most fun is hearing your voice all darth-y. This same feature is why {L} is terrified of the mask!! He used to be ok with it, until it said his name one day. It was all over at that moment!

He runs and clings to me when he see's the other kids playing with it. {D} has decided this running and scared face, happen to be the cutest thing he has ever seen. -sigh- So, he goes out of his way trying to "accidentally" scare the baby into making his cute, scared face. When {L} is safely with his mama, he starts to growl back at the mask. Grrrrrrr....gRRRRRRRRR, GRRRRRRgggr!!!! At that point, even I find it cute and have to stop myself from laughing. It's just so sweet!

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