Keeping Busy

Lots of quilting going on in the studio this week. I am hoping to finish 3 more quilts for the show on Saturday. It's an unrealistic goal, but hey a girl can try! I am almost finished with this green one. It turned out so nice! I used a fun abc & numbers print for the back. The two coordinate perfectly. I'm hoping to finish up my rocker quilt and a red, gender neutral one that I have been working on.

If they don't make it to the Independence Day show, they will be at Craftin Outlaws for sure. I'm also finishing up my application for Tiny Canary also. I had the BEST time at that show last year and would love to make it in again! It's so well organized and the crowd is awesome. Anyone local should check it out. Craftin Outlaws & Tiny Canary are great for stocking up on unique holiday gifts. We have been trying to give handmade for the past few years.

How about some good old messy faced kid pictures:
Her best impression of those old clown, hobo pictures. Haha, she actually had no idea her face was covered with dirt. She'll love this one when she's about 14 years old.

Sleeping after a hearty blueberry pancake breakfast


Beth said...

Your blog looks wonderful with nice pictures of cutie pie. Keep it up the good work. Beth ihampers.co.uk

Kunklebaby said...

Thank you!