On a recent thrifting trip, we came across this horse. She was missing a mane and her tail consisted on one strand of yarn, connected with it's very last thread. I was so excited about the prospect of fixing her up and giving her a happy new home...then I saw her price, $9.00!!! How could we not take her home? One of the best deals we have found in awhile.

The horse is SOLID wood and super heavy. I had not realized until I had her home and was expecting everything, that she was probably handmade. The pictures don't show it, but the craftsmanship is superb! I can't wait to give her some lovely new hair, and a tail. The kids have been thrilled to play with her as is. Originally, I wanted to paint her, but I was able to get off almost all of the marker she had across her side. The wood is beautiful, so I think she'll stay this color, with some new rainbow colored hair.

The best part is she is sized for the older kids!! {L}'s feet barely pass her neck! A toy that is fun for kids from 1-5 is rare indeed. She was named McGurkus, because everything needs a name! I'll post some pics after her "upgrade".


Megs said...

What a great find! Look forward to seeing the after pics.

colleen_ellse said...

So cool! What an amazing find indeed. I had a wooden rocking horse when I was little and cherished it. Definitely update us when you've added the mane!

Sewing-Chick said...

I just found your blog tonight and was excited to find a fellow thrifter in Columbus :) What a great find this rocking horse is! Which thrift shop did you find it at?

Kunklebaby said...

Hello there Sewing Chick! I think this lovely find was at the Volunteers of America on Indianola [clintonville-ish]