Scarves are Here!

Fall scarves are starting to be added to my shop. So far, I've added the "Shades of Fall" and "Theo" scarves. There are more pictures in the shop!

The new scarves, make great fall birthday and holiday gifts! The children's size are perfect up to about age 7, and the adult size fit just about everyone!

I really love making these. The winter months are so bleak and dreary here in Ohio. I'm really looking forward to the pop of color these will bring when we leave the house. My kids have already picked out their favorites...and actually so has mama! Haha. They will each be getting one as a gift for their upcoming birthday's along with a knitted scarf. Yes, I've been busy knitting too. I'll show you what I finished knitting at the festival over the weekend tomorrow!


andrea creates said...

Yay for scarves~
I hope that Winter isn't too drearY-we just moved here from California!

Kunklebaby said...

Depends on where you are Andrea. I'm originally from Cleveland and it snows tons all winter, so it's white & bright out.
In Columbus, it barely snows, but rains often-so muddy & bleak.
I'd have to say California is probably 100x brighter than Ohio in the winter!! :D