Sneak Peek: Scarves

I've been working on adding a few new things to my line this Fall. Here's a tiny sneak peak at my scarves.

So often I have people come up and talk to me at shows, saying how much they love my stuff, but have no children to buy for. A few of those lovely ladies actually purchased my quilts to use as art in their homes. So, I got to thinking I could make more for my Kunklebaby customers without children.

I have been making scarves for my children & family for awhile and thought they would make a great addition right now as we head into the chillier months. They come in two sizes, "adult" & "child", and a rainbow of colors. They will be with me at my next few shows, so anyone local, come say hello! [shows are listed in the side bar].

The kids are not left out either! Plenty of smaller scarves in the bold, fun prints I often use. I'll even have a few organics for the eco-chic look. They include my own original, hand printed images on some of the squares.

This blue & green one is my favorite of the adult sizes. If this girlie makes it through show season, I'm adding it to my closet!

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andrea creates said...

How pretty- I bought some fabric yesterday to make myself a scarf too :) I love your blues.
And you just reminded me, I need to get serious about finding some craft shows to do-the holidays are coming!