Daily Life

We've been enjoying lots of yummy goodness from the garden and farmers market lately. Sadly, I was told all the local blueberries are gone for the year. They have been my favorite tasty treat at the market. We've been buying several packs of them, and they only last a day or two at our house before they disappear. I'm going to have to start making lot of goodies with apples. So far the apples we had this season have been so tasty!! I'm planning lots of apple mash and applesauce for the kids the next few months.

Here is the scarf I finished while at the festival. I've been working on this one for awhile so it feels really good to have it complete. My newest project is being made with some beautiful blue & green, wool, yarn from Cheeky Monkey at the festival. It's turning into a lovely scarf on my needles as we speak.

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