We spent the last few days soaking up some sunshine. The weather has been beautiful and we needed a little break to enjoy it while it lasts. The fall months are incredibly busy for us each year with many birthday's, fall harvest, craft shows, making all the inventory to take to those craft shows, and now add homeschooling to the mix. We are gearing up to be extra, extra busy this fall season due to a few extra shows we are planning on applying to. I'm a fan of a simplier, more relaxed schedule, so my nerves start to get frazzled just thinking about it.

Yesterday was an impromptu trip to the Zoo. My baby brother[yeah he's 18, but will always be called this!] & his girlfriend called and said he was headed to our house. He lives 2+ hours away, so trips from family are treasured events! The bigger kids finished up school for the day just as the arrived. We had a great day both relaxing, fun and informational. {D} & {M} drew pictures of 4 animals while we were there and had to learn a new fact about them.


Kym said...
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Kym said...

Beautiful picture of your daughter. Sounds like you had a good day, and my! you have a busy season lined up!
x K