While on my organization kick, nothing could be ignored! I spent a few hours the other day going through my scrap bin and tying up the little bits of fabric into small bundles. The bin was getting overwhelming and messy! Whenever I would look for something to use, I would either grab something from the top, or get annoyed. It's been wonderful looking through the new and improved scrap bin! I feel suddenly inspired to use up my small odds and ends. I've been using these small pieces to make my mini-houses. [thanks to everyone for all the great feedback on them!] I'm also imagining a really pretty, quilted, pillow for little miss {M} -with lots of tiny fabrics & textures.

With Craftin Outlaws quickly arriving, I have lots of work to get done! I'm hoping to get a few tote bags completed over the weekend and a batch of bibs. After last weeks show, my bib inventory is pretty low. I usually sell tons of bibs at C.O. Also a trip to the zoo if the rain ever stops!
Anyone have any fun weekend plans?

All tied up and happy!


andrea creates said...

Sounds like you're busy! I wish my scraps looked that organized :)
You just reminded me -I had planned on organizing some things around here today too.1 shelf at a time..better go do that...
Take care~

acommonthread said...

cute! i like all of your colors!