A little Summer left

While the older two are off at school, and Baby Julian napping, Lucian and myself are soaking up every last bit of "summer" left. The days are still filled with sunny skies, but the mornings now have a touch of brisk, Autumn air. Tree's are still green, but just a few brown leaves have been making their way to our porch & yard. The squirrels have started hiding acorns in all my potted plants. Fall will be here before we know it.

Yesterday, Lucian found three of these little caterpillars. He decided they were a family and went to work reuniting them. A happy Mama, Daddy and baby were relocated together, under a large tree. "Now don't run away and go lost again", he gently tells them.

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Vicky said...

Love that you guys are enjoying every last bit of summer.

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Thanks! Vicky