Made Monday

With the recent start of school, crafting time has slowed a little for now. [It's only temporary!!] With Dylan and Mia both in school and Julian napping several hours each afternoon, I'm finding myself alone.. with ONE kid for several hours a day. That hasn't happened in YEARS. I'm hoping to be able to get some "extra" work done in that block while he paints, or sews along next to me a couple times a week. Just the "idea" of being able to have a few more hours a week with the option of sewing or painting has me giggling with glee.

I made this pillow and chair cushion a few days before school started. I was in my glory-all super stressed about school starting, so cranking out sewing projects left & right. [I go crazy knitting & sewing when I'm anxious or stressed] I actually still need to finish the 2nd seat cushion, but one is better than none. I've had this Amy Butler fabric in my closet for a few years waiting to make it into a handbag, I thought it was time to actually use it.

We picked up these two chairs recently on a thrifting hunt. They were originally destined to be painted immediately. Once I got them home and cleaned them up, I realized they matched our dining table wood color-perfectly. Now I'm not so sure if I'll paint them or let them be. I had imagined a nice crisp white, or bold blue. For now, we are enjoying them in their natural wooden state.

The pillow was made with the leftover scraps from my living room curtains. I'm so into yellow right now. I find it particularly peculiar because I NEVER liked yellow-ever, even as a kid. About 2 years ago, all the sudden yellow was like the long long friend I hadn't even realized I was missing.

What will you be making this week?

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SilentLotus Creations said...

The chairs were a great find! And I love the cushions! :)