We made it

We made it through the first, and second days of school. I should say I made it. The kids are beyond thrilled- with their teachers, friends, studies. I'm getting used to a much quieter house with just the two little one's at home. It was so strange today to have the house absolutely quiet for about an hour while the baby was napping, and Lucian, resting in bed [aka- pretending to be a robot in his room, and making a mess. A quiet mess though and this mama couldn't ask for anything more!] I love him in the lat picture. His face says it all "NOOOOooooooo, don't go guys!!"

Tomorrow marks the end of the first week. So far, it's gone by so much smoother, less stressful and anxiety filled than last year. While I do really miss the kids all day, everyone seems happy, and that makes me happiest of all!

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Shelley said...

I love your pics, so bright and vivid. Your family is adorable. That book, Someday probably would make me cry. I hate seeing my babies grow up soo fast. I hope you can stop by my blog. Happy hopping.