Made: Monday

Have you seen Pottery Barn's new Eric Carle line? My kids want all of it, and well... it's just not in the budget right now. I've had this Hungry Caterpillar fabric for a few years. My favorite dress Mia ever owned was made with it. I had told the kids I would stretch some of the fabric I had leftover on stretcher strips and hang them for awhile {till they get bored, or their mama does}. I told them with a promise that I would do it as soon as I picked up some stretcher strips at the store.

In a family of six, with pets, well... things break. often. I have a pile of frames that somehow or other, the glass broke. For about two years now, my husband " was going to buy new glass at the hardware store this weekend". I was looking at them today and decided that's never going to happen! I could make them some new  "artwork" without investing a dime.

To create these you need:

  • old frame
  • fabric slightly larger than frame size
  • (optional) spray paint to change frame color

The first thing to do is decide on the fabric. This is the most fun step. This project would be great for expensive Japanese imports because it uses so little, fat quarters, and anything you might have lying around.
Remove the cardboard backer from the frame and cut the fabric about an inch larger than this piece.

Now carefully tape, or staple the fabric around the backer board. You want to do alternating sides, not one's next to each other. So top first, then bottom, etc with sides. I used tape because it was next to me and I didn't want to go searching for the staple gun {and find out we were outta staples. lol} You want to hold fabric firmly, but don't pull too hard or it will pucker on front.

 Make sure the corners are nice & tidy or it will not fit back in the frame. Add the frame.... and YOUR DONE! See wasn't that easy! Hang up and vacuum every so often if you feel inclined.

I am so in love with the latest Heather Ross line!!Anyone else?  My heart smiles a little every time I see it!


andrea creates said...

very cool idea!

Tori said...

This is really nice! I have now been inspired! :)