This week

Eating: This week, we are eating lots of tasty salsa, pretty much straight from our garden. This goes great with chips or homemade bread. yum! We've been able to do 90% of our weekly shopping at the Farmers Market & our backyard. I feel pretty great about that. Local tasty goodness!

lots! Baby Quilts for friends, pillows, coffee sleeves, seat cushions, book slings, baby pants. Plus the 101 creative projects that the kids have going on each & everyday.

Enjoying: We are enjoying playing with that little kitten up there. He seems to be incapable of holding still for more than 30 seconds. He's also driving out two older cats nuts, so the children try to entertain him, for their sake.
We are also relaxing! Oh how I love just hanging out! School starts in a few daysand the next few weeks will be anything, but relaxing. I'm carry so much anxiety around with me before school starts. This will be the first year Dylan will be going off to school. We've always homeschooled with him, so it's a big change for me [& him]. He's my first baby. He's the child that made me a mom, not just Jessica. I'm happy & sad all at the same time about sending him off to school. Rest, yes... I do  need some rest.


andrea creates said...

we have so many tomatoes in our garden -i should try to make salsa too-do you know of any good recipes?
love the embroidery-too cute!

Kunklebaby said...

Andrea, we just do a simple chunky salsa with chopped up tomato's, onions, a touch of cilantro and a twist of lime. Easy, easy, easy, but so tasty.