Some knitting

New baby hat & socks. No, they are not for us. My best friend is having her third baby this Fall. I think this may be the most excited I've ever been about a baby that wasn't growing in my very own belly! Let's just say this baby will be well outfitted with handmade goodies.

I've been nervous to knit socks since I first learned how to knit. So many directions it seemed and I was just overwhelmed. I finally decided today was the day and started. These are from a pattern in More Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I love that book. As a beginning knitter, I've found the directions so easy to understand and the projects just lovely!

These have already been gifted, because well, I am the worst secret keeper in the whole world. There was no way I could wait till the baby arrived to share them. I'll post some more baby gifts here as I give them away early, because lets face it, I already know I can't wait.

And this- is why I love her so much. Because she loves my children so much, with such an open heart and arms!


andrea creates said...

such a nice gift!

Elle's Bell's and Charbit said...

Well, gosh girl, way to make a pregnant woman cry!!
Love this post!!