Made: Monday

Pillow for grandma. I can finally start showing off a few recent gifts I've made. I've had to wait until they were actually gifted to not ruin the surprise.

These are easy and really fun to make! All you have to do is trace your children's hands, {think grade school, thanksgiving turkey style} Depending on the number of children you have , design a layout that looks nice. Ant text would work: We Love Dad, Growing like a weed, 2011... whatever you like. After deciding, I traced the hand prints, and wrote the text to a piece of fabric, cut to the size needed for the pillow. Get to embroidering. That's the fun part! Choose all one color, rainbow, cool colors, warm colors.

Once finished stitch up the pillow, stuff or add pillow form and your done! These would also looked nice with the picture frame project I wrote about a few weeks ago here.

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