School starts

Today marks the end of many things, [at least for the school year].
It's the end of an almost eight year run spending EVERY day of Dylan's life with him. It's been bittersweet for me to send him off to school. The end of entire days spent in the yard. The end of our summer days, the unity of all the kids together in one place. The end of "official" homeschooling, {for now}. The end of staying up late for impromptu movie nights with the kids. The end of the "chance" of sleeping in {not that it happened all summer. sigh}

With the end of some things brings the beginning of many others.
The new daily rhythm of schools. A focused year on Lucian, helping him to build up his self esteem and work on his speech/language. Lots of time to spend with just the little boys.  Preparing for fall {my favorite season of all}, then the darkness of winter, with blankets, snuggles, hats & mittens.

Today will be filled with lots of hugs... and a few tears from mama. A few endings and a few fresh starts.

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