Corners of my home

The kids are really interested in learningabout different parts of the world and other cultures right now. So we've been looking at this globe lots!

Ohhh fabric, how I miss you! Between nursing a baby, chasing an extra-energetic toddler and keeping the bigger two kids from dying of sheer boredom, I can't find time to spend with you. I really missing sewing and have all kinds of projects in my head.

Marker & paper: all you need at our house to have a fun, creative day. The older kids spend more time drawing than anything else. Makes for a proud mama!

I need a maid! Perhaps I would have more time to spend with my fabric that way-or exercizing? I have a bit of baby weight I'm dying to lose. Sadly the time for that hasn't been found yet either. Looks like I'll be jogging at midnight.

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