We've been on a baking kick for the past few days. Lots of tasty treats being made! Today I'm planning to make & freeze a few batches of baby food for the winter. I made most of Little {L}'s baby food, and I'm hoping to do the same for baby unicorn. It's actually super quick & easy, with the added benefit of avoiding some processed food, and the cost that accompanies them.

We picked up some yummy zucchini's, squash and eggplant at the market last Saturday. Last night, we received our CSA bag from Whole Foods. At first, I wasn't sure how we'd like having this. I'm really picky and wasn't sure how they whole "surprise" aspect would be. With a family full of vegetarians, I thought it couldn't hurt to try, and so far, we are loving it! Lots of fresh, healthy veggies from local Ohio farmers. I think this will actually force us to find new recipes and uses for some of the things in the CSA bags. [which is a good thing]

I'm excited to take advantage of all the seasonal fruit & vegetables. We will have a freezer full of goodies for the baby when he's ready to start eating food this winter!


Christopher And Tia said...

Even though I think that might be a picture of a blueberry muffin, its got me craving melted chocolate chips?

I didn't know your family was vegetarian?!
I think thats awesome.

Kunklebaby said...

Haha-we made banana bread with chocolate chips on the same day Tia. Mmmmm!

I've been a vegatarian since three years old. My kids have been their whole life, so far. They can make the choice to eat meat when they are older if they wish.[although honestly, I would be a little sad if they did]