New Friends

Baby Unicorn has made some new friends. A sweet little owl with his muchroom, a happy racoon, and a badger [I think?]. The past two weeks, he has started to become really interested in his environment. These little creates live on his bouncer seat. They are part-time friends, as we only put them on the seat sometimes. I think this makes him like them even more!

It's really awesome to watch him grow a little more each day! I'm cherishing all these "baby" moments with him. I'm hoping he doesn't go through any of the stages too quick! [Little {L} went through everything in a flash]! I'm enjoying my son as a baby and not wishing him to grow too fast-it goes by in a blink of an eye no matter what! I want to have time to cherish each step in his growth! Even night feedings are starting to get cut out. While one one hand, I'm happy for the extra sleep, I do feel a little sad to being watching his newborn days drift away. I've been hugging him a little tighter and smiling a little extra when he does wake at 2am, knowing it won't be long now.

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