We finally have a finger painter! As an artist myself [did you guys know I majored in fine art-painting in college?], I think it's really important to give kids a chance to be creative and get dirty doing it, if they want!

I always found it funny that my oldest two kids wouldn't even think of putting paint on their hands! We used to joke that Mr. {D} might actually have a problem with the amount of times he washed his hands in a day, and freaked out if they were dirty. As a baby/toddler he actually preferred me to feed him with a spoon rather than grab at his food..yep, cause his hands got dirty!

Miss {M} was the opposite. She would rub pudding on her face like she was getting a spa treatment, felt pasta & sauce was a great hair condition and her veggies looked nice on the ceiling! I really expected her to be the messy painter, but paint was the one thing she didn't like on her hands, face or head. She would meticulously paint in little strokes with several brushes.

The other day while the kids were painting I realized Little {L} had paint on his hands! He started with a paint brush and about half way through a piece, decided to use his hands. When I said, "let me see your hands", he had the "great now, I'm in trouble look". He's one of those kids that gets into everything and Mama is always following around saying, "Ohhhh, not that L!". It was awesome to see his face light up when I said, "Good Job! Make some more!"

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andrea creates said...

So fun!I loved finger painting when I was a kid :)