Yo Gabba Gabba

Little {L} is obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba. He doesn't really watch any tv otherwise, but he loves his Gabba. Not any Gabba that is, ONLY the Jack Black episode. He walks around saying "Jack-yeah!". In the episode Jack Black gets a suit just like DJ Lance and rides off on his mini-bike. Little {L} rides off wearing his Jack helmet-an old Folgers coffee container. It used to house his toy tools until he realized what a great hat it would make one day. Yes, we do have PLENTY of actually hats in our home, but they are no fun and not Jack friendly. It cracks me up watching him play. He even wore his "hat" to the store one day-toddlers are so fun.


Kym said...

oh cuteness! Roo loves to put a bucket on her head and call it her 'bike hat'.
They really are great fun at this age, their imagination is astonishing at times!
As for Yo Gabba Gabba.....I HATE THAT PROGRAM....I seriously can'not stand the black dude. Of course Roo loves it, I have to distract her with treats if she starts watching it so i can turn it over, before feel the urge to punch the T.V!.....'Lazy Town' also has the same effect on me!
x K

Shairbearg said...

hahahaha you must get sick of that one episode! Surprised Mommy hasn't sewn him a Jack hat though! LOL! You would be a super hero!