Flashback Friday

Meet Mr. Caterpillar! He's an old friend at our house. When Little {L} was a baby, he didn't play with toys-pretty much ever! There were many days that I begged an pleaded for him to "just play-please". He was way more interested in walking, running, climbing and mischief. The ONE toy that he actually showed interest in was this cute, little caterpillar pull toy. He dragged this thing through the entire house over & over again, peeking over his shoulder and giggling as he saw it following him.

I've been collecting the "baby" toys lately since we'll soon have another one to play with the younger toys. Little {L} found this in the pile and quickly retrieved it, reminding me it was {L}'s, NOT baby's! It still holds the same giggle power. I can't wait to see if Baby Unicorn loves this toy also...well honestly I'm just hoping for another child who plays with toys!

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Chana said...

Oh my gosh. That is too adorable! Just think of all the money we could save if our kids didn't play with toys!? Thats too funny!

Lanie Ree said...

Wow, that is so cute! I love the toy, and your little guy looks totally focused when he plays with it.

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Christopher And Tia said...

LOOK AT THAT! I think adults think pull toys are way cuter than kids do, know what I mean? Every time I see a wooden pull toy, I melt.

Yet, I don't remember ever having one as a kid.

Or ever wanting one, for that matter.

And we had a pull toy, not wooden, but still attatched to a string- and my daughter hated it.

My son though, he loves to push things and pull things. Hmmm.