Rainy Afternoon

Bag of fabric scraps + glue + paper + scissors= fun & creativity

I like to keep a bag of scraps for the kids. These pieces are too small to sew anything with [yeah I'm a super scrap saver, so I know], and would otherwise go in the garbage. Every few weeks when they have played with every they own, read every book twice and are so bored they can't even think of anything else to do, we break out the scrap bag. They kids can cut & college to their hearts content. Sometimes they make letters, or a landscape, sometimes they use the patterns on the fabric to make a scene, a few times they have made a picture and colored all over it with marker [yep, Little {L}].

It's a fun way to do something unique every time. This can be done with paper too. Instead of recycling your old magazines, cut the pages out and let the kids have them first. The cutting and gluing helps with hand eye coordination, and the design inspires their imaginations!

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andrea creates said...

I've had my kids do those kinds of collages too :) I have teeny tiny scraps saved in a big basket.Cannot seem to part with them,lol.But this makes a great excuse to keep saving them!