Baby Wearing

The two older kids were worn all the time when they were younger. Miss {M} pretty much never left my arms for 2 years-seriously. I was completely expecting to do the same with Little {L}-he had other plans. As a wee-one he liked to be held, and snuggled, but was also just as happy hanging out in a swing or bouncer. We co-sleep at night [and I was nursing], so I got in a lot of snuggle time during the late, or early hours-however you see it. Little {L} didn't sleep through the night until he was almost 11 months old, so many, many nights of feeding and snuggling at night.

The daytime was so very different. This boy crawled, walked, jumped, and climbed, EXTRA early. He couldn't be bothers to sit and be held during the day unless he was eating. He just couldn't be bothered to be in one place. {L} wanted to chase his big brother, and dance with his sister-he was on a mission. These times were for exploring & getting into mischief-no restraint, no stillness. Needless to say, he spent very little time in a sling. Once he could roll or wiggle, he wanted to be free.

When Baby Unicorn arrived, I was going to take full advantage of wearing him. I now knew there was a chance it may only last a little while. I wear him while at the store, walks, grocery shopping, hanging out at the house...pretty much as much as I can. This baby LOVES to be held. Place him in the Moby wrap and he's won't make a peep. He just looks around and takes in this strange new world. Little {L} found the come back of sling & carriers to be so strange at first. He laughed when I placed the baby in, laughed 5 minutes later when he looked at me, and then the next day & the day after that. It was just the other day he asked to wear his baby. I was a proud mama. I sure love that strong, independent little boy!

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