It was a purple day here at the Kunklebaby household. This didn't happen on purpose, we started out with smoothies-yum. They usually turn out pink, but today we made them with fresh organic blackberries, raspberries, and a smidgen of banana & strawberry. They were super tasty & healthy too. I love making smoothies, they feed our large family quickly and without scrimping on nutrition.
We received these "blue" potato''s from our CSA bag [loving it!] last week, and they became lunch today. Turns out they are the prettiest violet color. They darken a bit into a deep purple-ish blue after they are cooked. I debated making eggplant for dinner to make an official full day of purple-licious goodness, but I think we are going for super quick & super easy tonight-and that doesn't come in purple [unless we decide on skittles...hmmm after the week I've had, just maybe!]