Sunshine & Smiles

I'm excited to say the novelty of the baby has not worn off yet. You know what I mean, one day the kids are arguing over who can hold him. The next they are rolling their eyes if you ask them. So far, we have not gotten to that point. The kids actually argue about how many times the baby smiled at them that day--and then try to beat the other. They are smitten with their new baby brother.

Every morning, after I drag myself out of bed, I am greeted with, "Can I hold the baby?" then, "Noooo, me first!". Little {L} quickly follows that with, "milk, milk, please", which has more the tone of "Milk, NOW LADY!".

With such a smiling, happy baby, I can't help, but feel less grumpy at 7:30am. Baby Unicorn always wakes up smiling and ready for a new day. He's so sweet and giggly in the morning that I sometimes forget how much I hate mornings...sometimes.

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joeyandaleethea said...

Awww CONGRATULATIONS!!! OMG you are a Mama of 4!! LOL How very wonderful!!!

I was feeling nostalgic and reading my blog post from way back in '08 when my baby girl was born, and saw your comment there congratulating me. I probably never got a chance to say thank you! And so here I am on your blog - on you recently had a new fresh one added to your family. That is awesome!! Enjoy these wonderful baby days.

p.s. I'm 7 weeks pregnant!!! ssshhhhh!!! hehe.