Kunklebaby will be at Craftin Outlaws for our 4th year this October! YAY! I know I have months to get ready, but... things have been going a little slower here since the baby joined us. I am actually trying to be prepared for something over time [-gasp-], rather than spending an entire week before an event without sleeping. The end result is the same, lots of kunklebaby goodness, but I'm hoping this is a little less stressful, path.

If your keeping tally, of the 4 years I have done Craftin Outlaws, I've been nursing for two[counting this year] and pregnant for the other two--yeah I'm that girl. Every time you see me, I'm either carrying a new baby or telling you about the new one I'm working on growing [and I love it!].
Looks like this is another year, hubby will have to shuttle the kids back & forth all day from the show so I can feed Baby Unicorn. If we get lucky, he may take a bottle or two, but O'm not holding my breathe on that one. Little {L} was a strict breastfeeder only, as in he would rather starve than have to even think of drink from a bottle [insert dramatic, baby -gasp- here].

This would be a handy time to have family or friends in town to babysit the bigger kids. Anyone in the family want to raise their hands and come to Columbus for a visit. Anyone... anyone...? Bueller?
Anyone want to just come to the show and keep me company? Do I hear the kids Pet Cricket chirping?-lol.

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