More Fair

We were able to convince Daddy to go back to the fair. Yay! His mother was coming into town, and what's better than taking Nani to the fair? With all of our family living out of town, it's rare that the kids get to spend time with their grandparents, so we take full advantage when we can. Things that a lot of people take for granted are hard to come by for us. Finding a babysitter, playtime time or reading with grandparents, dinner with grandma or grandpa's are rare occasions for us! We are always excited when Nani come to town!

A few things had changed since we last visited. ALL the pregnant animals had their babies. There were three little sheep, chicks, and several calves. It was so fun to watch the new little creatures trying to walk, visiting with the children and just having fun!

Yeah...every year they make these huge sculptures made of butter. My husband loves them, I think they are so silly! He loves them because of just how ridiculous they are!

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Rj and Jessie said...

Cute! I love fairs. :)