Flashback Friday

Remember these? I was so excited when I finished this outfit for Little {L}! [Miss {M} had a dress in coordinating fabrics too-pure love]. They were some of my favorite outfits! I love the texture & use of color in Eric Carle's books. In my own artwork, I work often with many intricate textures and I love bright, vibrant color!
So fast forward [yes, you get a flashback and a flash forward this week-no your not watching Lost] to this week, and new little baby is getting to wear them. Let me tell you, Baby {J} is HUGE! He is 2 months old and wearing a size 12months! He's long and a bit round and we find him just perfect! When {L} wore these, he was standing and on the verge of independent walking. Baby {J} can't hold a toy or roll over and they are already on him. It's fun to look back and see how different, but also the same each of my kids have been.

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