I am currently reading Buddhism for Mothers of Schoolchildren. I'm a huge fan of her other book, Buddhism for Mothers. It changed the way I thought about my new life as a mom & parenting. It helped me see the big picture rather than the small, day to day grievances. I come back to that book over & over again for inspiration and knowledge as my family grows.

I've been feeling so much anxiety & fear about sending the kids off to school, and I stumbled upon this on Amazon the other day. I'm hoping it will ease some of the fears and strengthen my knowledge that the kids are strong independent, little people. They need to go out into the world to blossom into the great people they will someday become.

I feel a lot more comfortable after meeting the teacher and seeing the environment that Miss {M} will be spending her days in. I'm hoping the book will help take care of the leftover "Mommy sadness": realizing that the little baby you were just holding is already going to start school. The first big transition into building their own life, separate from you. Exciting & sad all mixed in one. Where in the world did the past 5 years go?

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