Etsyveg team

I have been a vegetarian for 25 years now. My husband and I are also raising vegetarian children. We are vegetarian family that cares about our animal friends and the environment.

We try to eat organic, locally grown fruit & veggies as much as possible. We shop at our local farmers market every Saturday. I LOVE the market. We get fresher food, cheaper. Everything is super tasty and picked that morning or the day before! It also feels good to pay the farmers directly for their work than through a store [you know I still love you Whole Foods!] You get to know the people or families who grew the food you are going to feed your family. It's pretty cool!

A few months ago, I found the etsyveg team and knew it was a perfect for for me. It was awesome finding a whole group of artists that had similar views! The group has everything from painters and photographers to candle and soap makers--and everything in between.
You can check out the blog, or enter "EtsyVeg team" when searching on Etsy.

We are all just trying to do our part, for a better future for our kids and this beautiful Earth!

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