Fairies Everywhere

{D} and {M} are completely infatuated with fairies right now. They spend hours at the park and in the yard scouting for them. Nights are used to dream about fairies and the day, they may actually meet one. {D} ponders why someone could actually not believe in them..or worse, not even care.

On a recent trip to the park the kids saw a REAL fairy. They had a magical experience that they will never forget [their words-lol]. While looking for fairies, birds or the spare monster running around in the woods waiting to gobble them up, they came across a little floating, glowing speck. I was quickly hushed and told I was in the presence of a live fairy.

After a quick look, I realized I had no idea what they were looking at. It had a faint white glow and was drifting as if on the wind, but there was none. I looked closer trying to see what kind of bug it was, but that failed too. It wasn't fuzz either, which was my second guess.

In the end, I never figured out what it was. The kids have talked about it ever since. They say wasn't it cool, they day we saw that fairy! {M} says it was magical. While I have no idea whether it was a bug, fuzz, or fairy. I will always remember the day "we" saw the fairy. The magic in my kids eyes, the wonder crossing over to even me.

The kids decided this was the entrance to the fair wild-the land if the fairies.

Here's a quick shot I took of the "fairy". Not the best shot, as it appears only as a speck, but the day is fresh and glowing in my memory.

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