Keeping Busy!

"Work, work, work. You know mama, you don't always have to work. Sometimes you can just relax". Little Miss {M} tells me this all the time!

The problem isn't that I don't like working, rather I don't have enough time in a day. If I'm feeling creative, I'm feeling creative. It's hard to turn off! If a day goes by and I have not made anything it's hard for me to fall asleep that night. I've been know to get out of bed just to make a little something, to ease my nerves. At any given time, I have 1,001 projects dancing in my head-some of them need to get out.

I've taken to hand sewing while the bigger kids do some of their school work during the day. I started a new line of really cool....well, you'll have to wait and see what they are. It's awesome because I can still do some work while homeschooling the kids. Don't get me wrong, they have plenty of my attention, but I can fit in a little here & there while they are drawing or eating lunch.

It feels good being a good mom, and still getting to create!

We found this cool old children's school desk at a yard sale the Saturday before we started classes. It was like it was waiting for us to find him! Beckoning-haha. At only $8, it was a steal. {D} has used it every single day.

The baby even likes to sit at it in the morning, drinking his milk. It's so cute, and so unnerving at the same time. Every time I look up and catch him sitting there, I realize how quickly the time will pass and he really will be sitting there-waiting to learn. Pencil and paper in his hand rather than a sippy cup. Yes, very unnerving to this mama! It seems like yesterday that the bigger kids were toddling through the house and now they are learning to read.

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Leslie said...

this is so fun...my daughter would love to have a school desk like that...i better get yard saleing