In one week...

In one week, 7 little days, so much changed for us! I am sitting here, looking back on the week and everything new that happened.

{D} & {M} started school, "officially". They have a whole folder full of worksheets, projects and drawing that didn't exist a week ago. It's awesome to watch them learn and grow. I'm so happy we decided to homeschool. {D} is really interested in mammals right now, and {M} is picking up reading word after word, with little effort.

We had a few visits from the tooth fairy. She is becoming a regular at our house and I caught {D} trying to loosen some more teeth tonight. Loose teeth= a visit!

{L} had a sudden burst of speech this past week. He picked up about 10 new words. Bird, baa[for a sheep], watch out, feet and a few more. He learned the sign for elephant and has started pointing to his eyes, ears, mouth and feet when we ask him. He seems to be getting over the pain of his brother & sister starting school and being left out. He was so angry that the bigger kids seemed to be ignoring him all week, that he set out to get into as much trouble as he could find--and yes, he found A LOT!

It's easy to get caught up in the everyday hustle & bustle of life and miss the little things. More often than not, the little things are the important things. It was nice to take things a little slower, listen a little more to what the kids were saying and give out twice as many hugs! My sewing projects are beckoning me, so I just need to find a little time to squeeze into the studio and everything will be perfect.

So hug your kids and smile today!

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