After taking a look at my studio yesterday, I realized a very, very obvious thing-I need to clean! It's one of the things that keeps getting put off lately.

After everyday care of three kids, homeschooling two kids and then cleaning the house up after a family of five [+pets], I've been burnt out! I crawl into bed and actually fall right asleep. Typically, I lay there for an hour with projects, idea's and things that were said during the day, dancing through my mind, but not lately. I feel asleep with the lights on the other night!

So I have ambitious plans this weekend! I want to get everything back in it's place in the studio, and then finish a few projects I have. A blanket for a friend, 3 more quilts and a few scarves. Yep, I'll have a new line of scarves with me at the next few shows for this Fall.

Loads of fabric that is mostly ironed & folded super nice, but just packed sloppily onto the shelves. Looks like I'll have to reorganize that this weekend. Darn...playing with all my pretty fabrics?

Some folded children's scarves. I am making them for adults and kids. They are patchwork, like my quilts. So if you love my quilts, these are now wearable! I'm really excited about them.
I just signed up for The Independence Day Show on September 19th in downtown, Columbus. The scarves will make their debut there, so come down and say hello. We attended the event last year and it was really fun. Lots of artist, crafters and music!

I found this cool bowl set at a moving sale last weekend. It came with four little dishes. I have been using 2 and the lid to store my pins. It has worked out awesome. Easy to access, and looks pretty too. The best part was they cost me a whopping $0.75!

What plans does your weekend hold?


andrea creates said...

My studio/supplies are always a work in (organizing) progress-
I'd love to see the scarves-good luck at the show:)

Lonesome Road Studio said...

Love all those colorful fabrics and those bowls are so cool!