Earlier this week, I received another order for one of milk vampire, organic bibs. They are typically made as ordered, so I made up a new batch of them. I love that each and every one is unique and different from the rest. While it's "only" a bib, the concept of being an original is so cool to me! A little piece of something special, for a specual child-cause we all know each & every child is special & amazing.

The original drawing was made after Mr. {D} requested a vampire shirt. He's always saying I make more girl stuff for {m} than clothes for him. The sad thing is, while the bib has been in my shop for months, I am just getting around to making that short for {d}. Yes, crappy mom alert!

I was sitting in the studio working on the bib prints when {D} wandered in and said, "Cool bibs!Uhhhh, Mom.....are you ever going to make that shirt for me?" Feeling extreme guilt, I send him off to his room to search for a blank shirt.

He came back with this striped shirt. I would never have even considered using that one. Mr. {D} said it was the only one he could find and he wanted to use it. I had a few reservations about the stripe, and placement, but wanting to make my son happy I figured who cares. It it turns out silly, so be it. The end result=I LOVE the stripe and the triple vampire print. He Loves it too, so it's a double score!

Ps...Yep, he wanted one mean, angry vampire of the three.


Kym said...

Hee hee! The angry vamp looks a lot like my little one, demanding a feed!.......before she abandoned the boob!
x K

Anne said...

This just made my day! Such a cute shirt!!