Over the Weekend

Our weekend was filled with lots of activities! We started out by making our weekly trip to the Farmers Market. The corn & peaches we picked up were phenomenal! Our friends Anne & Vic met us there, so we got in a little friend time too!

Next, we headed off to a Dog festival being held in town. We opted to leave our pooch at home [a fact {M} was NOT happy about]. Chasing three kids around and making sure Lucy didn't run off, seemed like less of a relaxing day than not. Vic & Anne brought their two doggies though, so we were not without any 4 legged friends. The best part was watching all the dogs fetch, swim and play at the dog pond. It was hilarious! Small dogs, big dogs, hairy dogs and crazy looking dogs-all with their tongues hanging out and smiles dancing across their faces!

I also started working on this blanket & bib set for a friend. I only have the tops complete, but I love how they turned out. Little singing birdies.
Uhhmmmm, what about your fun filled weekend of cleaning you ask? It's gotten put back on the calendar for next weekend. I tidied up a little, does that count?

His shirt says it all Mr. Trouble. Haha, but he's just so sweet at the same time! He's signing that he's "all done" in the stroller here.

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Anne said...

We had a blast too!