New Kicks!

The summer has come to an end at our house, {M} is wearing...tennis shoes! The things that make her feet sweating and achy. The things that need tied every four seconds, and fall off one foot every 24 steps. Yes.

Truthfully, I couldn't have been happier about her choice of new shoes. Typically she tried to pick out some hideously sparkly, plastered with a cartoon character [that we don't even watch], pair. YAY-red is lovely baby girl!

This weekend will be our very last before the kids start school. We are planning in taking a trip to COSI [science museum], going for a swim in the yard, and just relaxing. Hanging out and having fun!!

I started working on a few new quilts yesterday and they are fun! I have a really cool, punk/rocker one living on the sewing machine right now. I can't wait to share it! For now you can have a peek at my Lola Quilt. {M} was helping me try and get a better shot of it today.

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

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