Moo Cards

My new Moo cards arrived late last week-I LOVE them! Moo was offering a free order of their business cards. Total cost was about $6 for shipping.

The cards did have a strip of advertising for moo on the side. I designed the cards so that I could cut them off
[I'll add the strips to my next round of swag bags, as they each have a 15% off coupon]

I will be using the cards as tags for my quilts and sweater balls. Some of the other images will become bookmarks. I love that they showcase my work. I always keep a few in my purse, in case anyone asks what I do. I have regular business cards that are great to pass out, but I like having the option to actually "show" what I do, not just tell someone.

For those of you with kids, or pet babies, moo cards also make great magnets! The thick paper helps them hold up well and look expensive. They make quick & easy gifts to mail to the grandparents. I buy sheets of magnet paper from the craft store. Place the cards over the sticky side, cut out and place on your fridge, or pop in the mail to someone you love.

Check out Moo.com to order a set for yourself!

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andrea creates said...

Good idea-thanks for the info. I've been wanting to do some new(non- home printed) business cards but am never sure where to have them done.I'll go check them out.