New Products

We spend the weekend soaking up some sunshine on Saturday. I've had a huge pile of new stuff here, just needing to be photographed. So we packed up the Kunklebaby inventory and headed to the park.

I love shooting outside, and it occurred to me that there are only a few more months that we will be able. Winters consist of me trying to get enough sunshine through the windows. Ohio winters are so dreary, it's hard to get any good pictures at all.

Lucky for us, summer is still here, it was a beautiful day and the models were in great spirits. A few romps through the grassy park, many roses smelled, and even a game of chase with a curious squirrel.

::Hello Turtle, XL Toddler Bib::

:: New Japanimation Girls Skirt. Love this skirt and the cool pose!::

::Doing his best Sid Vicious impression-haha, just kidding. This is his "model" expression::